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Formulating Policy Proposals and Research Studies

Twelve committees are established to discuss major economic and social issues facing Japan such as economic and fiscal policies, administrative reform, industrial competitiveness, global environmental issues, regional development, labor policies and international affairs. These committees conduct research studies and submit policy proposals to the relevant authorities on these issues as the collective opinions of the Kansai business community.

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Stimulating the Kansai Economy and Promoting Large-Scale Projects

To further stimulate Kansai's economy, Kankeiren is promoting various large-scale projects and attempting to attract international conferences and events to Kansai. Of these projects, Kankeiren has particularly been involved in promoting the Kansai International Airport, Kansai Science City, and has been a major force in setting up the bodies to realize these projects.

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Encouraging International Exchange and Understanding

Kankeiren is also active in international exchange to strengthen ties and enhance understanding with other nations. In pursuit of this goal, Kankeiren sends business delegations and fact-finding groups overseas, hosts foreign VIPs and delegations that come to Japan, arrange lectures, seminars and conferences and supports various management training programs.

Human Resources Development

Kankeiren has always put an emphasis on human resource development. Following this direction, the Kankeiren ASEAN Management Seminar, which invites management level trainees from enterprises in the ASEAN countries for a period of study in Japan, was started in 1980. In addition, overseas training programs were also held in the ASEAN countries. Kankeiren is promoting distance learning management training programs utilizing advanced telecommunication technologies.

Kankeiren has also played a major role in setting up the Pacific Resource Exchange Center (PREX). This organization specializes in human resources development for development for the Asian countries by conducting management seminars.

Creating Business Chances for Companies

To promote business relationships between foreign companies and Kansai companies, Kankeiren arranges various meetings and conferences. One example is the Japan-China Economic Conference, which has been held since 2001 in cooperation with other economic organizations and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. For the conference held in October 2007, one hundred and sixty Chinese executives of new private companies took part as well as three hundred and twenty Japanese businessmen.

Kankeiren has been actively strengthening cooperation and partnerships with leading economic organizations in other countries since 1994.

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Cooperation with Economic Organizations Nationwide

Other Economic Organizations

As one of Japan's representative economic organizations,Kankeiren discusses with Nippon Keidanren and other main national economic organizations in Tokyo, about what is to be done about the various issues Japan is facing such as administrative and political reform, international affairs, and submits relevant suggestions to the government.
Kankeiren also holds regular meetings with the economic organizations in western Japan, as well as in the other regions (i.e.Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku and Chubu), and submits joint policy proposals with them to promote decentralization and an equally balanced development of Japan.

Local Groups in Kansai

To have a broad perspective from which to establish the climate of opinion, Kankeiren works in close cooperation with other economic organizations in Kansai including the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Kankeiren also maintains a close relationship with the prefectural and municipal governments in Kansai.

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"An Introduction to the Kansai Economy"
Contents include:

  • Map of Kansai
  • Statistics on the Kansai economy
  • Brief introduction of the major projects in Kansai
  • Brief history of the Kansai region

A monthly bulletin in Japanese. Contents include:

  • Brief introduction of Kankeiren's recent activities
  • Feature articles on important issues for Kankeiren
  • Articles by our members about the major issues facing Japan
  • Policy proposals by Kankeiren
  • Summary of lectures and talks

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