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Formulating Policy Proposals and Conducting Research Studies

Twelve committees were established to discuss major issues that Japan need to address such as economic and fiscal policies, administrative reform, industrial competitiveness, global environmental issues, regional development, labor policies and international affairs. These committees conduct research studies and submit policy proposals to the relevant authorities on these issues as the collective opinions of the Kansai Business Community.

Stimulating the Kansai Economy and Promoting Large-Scale Projects

To further stimulate Kansai's economy, Kankeiren is promoting various large-scale projects, trying to attract international conferences and events to Kansai. Of these projects, Kankeiren has particularly been involved in promoting World Expo 2025, Kansai International Airport, and Kansai Science City, and has been (playing a significant role) in setting up necessary organizations for these projects.

Promoting International Exchange and Mutual Understanding

Kankeiren is also active in international exchange to strengthen ties and enhance understanding with other nations. In pursuit of this goal, Kankeiren sends business delegations and fact-finding groups overseas, hosts foreign VIPs and delegations that come to Japan, hold lectures, seminars and conferences and supports various management training programs.

Human Resources Development

Kankeiren has always put an emphasis on human resource development. Following this direction, the Kankeiren ASEAN Management Seminar, which invites management level trainees from enterprises in the ASEAN countries for a period of study in Japan, was started in 1980.