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As of May 25, 2015

Steering Committee

  • deliberates on written opinions formed by each committee
  • exchanges opinions and receive reports on important matters

Economic and Fiscal Policy Committee

  • discusses and makes proposals on financial reconstruction, tax reform, social security system reform in a comprehensive manner, as well as economic policies while understanding the actual situation of the economic climate and trends
  • discusses the financial and capital market revitalization measures

Corporate Legislation Committee

  • discusses, makes proposals, and raises awareness of appropriate business legal systems (incl. accounting standards) that contribute to the promotion of corporate governance and medium- to long-term management strategies

Decentralization and Regional Administration Committee

  • surveys and makes proposals toward the realization of decentralization and "Doshu-sei" regional government system, and supports the development of the Union of Kansai Governments
  • discusses administrative and financial reforms of local governments, and promotes wide-area cooperation in the Kansai region.

Science Technology and Innovation Committee
[Health and Medical Sub-Committee]

  • discusses and proposes science/technology and industrial policies for growth of prospective areas such as health and medical care, aircraft, environment, and IoT
  • implements programs to develop human resources who support innovation

Global Environment and Energy Committee

  • responds to the prevention of global warming and to the energy policies from environmental and economic perspectives
  • discusseses and proposes comprehensive measures concerning the global environment and energy, such as dissemination and practice of an "environmentally advanced region Kansai"

National Land and Regional Infrastracture Committee
[Chuo-Shinkansen maglev line and Hokuriku Shinkansen line Sub Committee]

  • promotes establishment of a backup base outside the capital for national core functions and a multi-hub national land structure that contribute to national resilience,
  • promotes construction and consolidation of wide-area infrastructure (Linear Chuo Shinkansen maglev Line, Kansai International Airport, Hanshin Port, etc.)

Urban Creation, Tourism and Culture Committee
[Urban Creation Sub-Committee]

  • promotes the inbound flow and development of the "Kansai" brand through a partnership of the public and private sectors
  • discusses the development of an attractive city center through such efforts as the Umekita (Osaka Station North District) Phase 2 Development Area Project

Sports Promotion Committee

  • discuss the strategies to promote and enhance the sports industry and cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • promote and boost the mood towards the series of global sporting events to be held between 2019 and 2021, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and the world Masters Games 2021 Kansai

International Committee

  • creates a cross relationship with foreign countries by dispatching overseas delegations and receiving foreign dignitaries
  • supports the business development of member companies for Asian and other regions' promising markets
  • supports for global human resource development
  • conducts research/surveys and makes proposals on trade policies

Labor Policy Committee

  • discusses and makes proposals on employment policies, labor policies and labor laws in a comprehensive manner
  • supports organizing and solving personnel and labor problems of SMEs.

Global Human Resource Development Committee

  • discusses and makes proposals on matters regarding development and making best use of global human resources in a comprehensive manner, while promoting practical activities.

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction

  • transmits information and provides support toward recovery from the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake in cooperation with other economic organizations

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