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Kankeiren's Policy

Mission: Kankeiren's mission and roles


Enhance Kansai's ability to contribute to the sound development of the Japanese economy by carrying out unique research studies that anticipate future trends and by making policy proposals and taking practical actions based on the study results, always motivated by the active exchange of views among businesspeople at committee meetings and other gatherings and constantly maintaining focus on the whole Kansai region.


  • Delineate a future vision for Kansai and preparing a roadmap for the realization of that vision
  • Make bold and "characteristically Kansai" policy proposals based on the views of our members
  • Take practical actions at the supraprefectural level in anticipation of future trends
  • Guide consensus development in Kansai and leading region-wide initiatives

Policies: Mid-term activity guidelines and project implementation policies

1.Mid-term activity guidelines

To fulfill its mission, Kankeiren will carry out activities aligned to the following three priority themes over the medium term: (1) increasing industrial competitiveness, (2) coexistence with Asian countries, and (3) regional independence--Kansai united.

(1) Increasing industrial competitiveness

  • Kankeiren will present a roadmap--tentatively called "Vision for Kansai's Industrial Future"--for the development of industries capable of driving growth in future generations. The roadmap will define such aspects as Kansai's industrial structure as envisioned for the future; measures for creating new industries in Kansai through the fusion of cutting-edge industry clusters; the necessary "software" and "hardware" infrastructure required for industrial development; and the roles to be fulfilled by industry, academia, and government. At the same time, Kankeiren will offer policy proposals and take practical actions towards the realization of the vision.

(2)Coexistence with Asian countries

  • In the face of Asia's emerging importance, Kankeiren will present a direction paper--tentatively called "Vision for Future Coexistence with Asian Countries"--for building new relations with our Asian neighbors. The paper will define such aspects as measures needed to enhance Kansai's appeal in Asia; capitalizing on the dynamism of Asia's growth through people exchanges and investment partnerships; and making greater contributions to the Asian economy through technology transfers and human resource development. At the same time, Kankeiren will offer policy proposals and take practical actions towards the realization of the vision.

(3) Regional independence--Kansai united

  • To help Kansai achieve regional independence and exert its collective strength in unity as Japan heads toward a decentralized society, Kankeiren will exert greater efforts to provide policy proposals on supraprefectural issues and take practical actions impacting the entire region under its Kansai United initiative.
  • Given the fact that the issues are closely interrelated with each other, Kankeiren will tackle projects following a region-wide setup based, for example, on cooperation and collaboration among the committees involved, thereby giving full play to its integrative power.

2.Project/activity execution policies

In carrying out projects and activities, Kankeiren will adopt a "select and focus" strategy and proceed in a prompt manner while striving to strengthen its abilities to conduct research, offer recommendations, and send and receive information.

(1) Selection and focus of projects

  • Identify issues that are aligned to the mid-term activity guidelines, and narrow down prospective projects to those that are likely to produce concrete benefits.
  • When planning projects, define the goals and deadlines on a project-by-project basis and assess results vis-a-vis the goals to determine whether to continue or withdraw from a project.
  • When collaborating with other agencies and organizations, clearly define the roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled by each partner.
  • Establish clear rules on project commencement and conclusion and ensure accountability to Kankeiren members.

(2)Strengthening of research and recommendation functions

  • Enhance Kankeiren's unique qualities by adopting a cycle of interaction between "thinking" and "doing," where issues that anticipate future trends are selected for study, recommendations are prepared based on the study results, actions are taken in line with the recommendations, and issues discovered in the process of taking action are taken up for study.
  • Strengthen Kankeiren's think tank functions, making greater use of the Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research and other research institutions including universities, as well as expanding the research and investigation capacity of Kankeiren's Secretariat.

(3)Strengthening of communication function

  • Enhance the ability to send and receive information to/from Kankeiren members and the general public by taking full advantage of all possible opportunities, including effective use of networks developed through various activities.
  • Implement strategic public relations activities, including collaborative initiatives with relevant organizations and member company publicity departments as well as with Kankeiren's Chairman and Vice Chairmen.
  • Promote greater communication with Kankeiren members by stepping up committee-based activities and implementing other relevant measures.

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