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Comments on the Inauguration of the Aso Cabinet

Hiroshi Shimozuma
Kansai Economic Federation


1. The Aso Cabinet inaugurated today features a lineup that is focused on being ready to take immediate action and provide a sense of stability, with many influential members and experts in various fields assuming cabinet posts, and members in key ministerial positions remaining from the previous Administration. We are in great hope that this reflects Prime Minister Aso's strong determination to build a solid cooperative framework throughout the ruling parties to win the upcoming general election and establish a stable government.

2. As we find ourselves in an increasingly difficult economic environment, the political impasse due to confrontation between the ruling and opposition parties is impermissible. We hope that the new cabinet will, if necessary, seek cooperation from opposition parties to first and foremost enact a supplementary budget for the current fiscal year, and achieve the early implementation of an emergency economic package.

3. It is our hope that the new cabinet, under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Aso, will set forth a clear vision and pathway for our country to pursue in the international community, and speedily undertake efforts for economic measures in our own backyard and for the comprehensive reform of tax and public finance, social security, and decentralization of power to achieve sustained growth.


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