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Comments on the Result of the U.S. Presidential Election

Hiroshi Shimozuma
Kansai Economic Federation


  1. The victory of Mr. Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election apparently resulted from the desire for "CHANGE" among the U.S. citizens in the present policies regarding security, economic and social, and other areas.

  2. We hope that, upon his inauguration, President-Elect Obama will exercise strong leadership for international policy cooperation and coordination encompassing developed and emerging countries, and take both proper and swift action in response to the global financial crisis and economic recession. To this end, we trust he will complete the design for his administration and build a solid foundation for it as early as possible.

  3. As for policy on Japan, we expect him to put emphasis on the alliance between our countries, as his predecessors did, and thereby maintain and enhance our favorable partnership spanning the Pacific in the economic and other spheres.


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