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~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~

An economy that is open
and creates original values
~Leading corporations creating value~

Through different people and diverse value systems from both inside and outside the region commingling, we will refine the respective attractions of each and create new, unique worth. We will demonstrate our disposition for taking the lead in reforms and renewal, and through invigorating economic activity, we will create a virtuous cycle that reinvigorates the region (e.g. job creation, rising incomes, increased government tax revenue, etc.) and strive for the revitalization of an economic zone with a GRP of 20%.

The Region Exactly as It Should Be

[Kansai's Strengths]
A wealth of universities & research institutions and Kansai's spirit (appreciation for enjoyment & an enterprising temperament)
[Signs of Change]
Change in the source of added value and eschewing the policy of in-house for open innovation

Creating new values coping flexibly with change

Commingling transcending domains flourishes

Commingling that transcends the triumvirate of industry, academia & government, large corporations & startups, and regions

Centers creating unique innovations are appearing throughout the Kansai region

"Metro Area+X," which refines the unique worth of each region in the greater Kansai area

An active mutual connection with Asia and the world

Business is being created through collaboration with foreign countries and the exchange of talent is being promoted

Inbound tourism is recovering & expanding and tourists are coexisting with the region

penguin penguin penguin penguin
~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~

~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~

A stage that attracts people
~Developing & being open to innovative leaders~

We will create an environment where driven people with different value systems can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. By taking in and fostering people who will become the source of competitiveness in the region and in corporations–especially people who take the initiative with an enterprising temperament–
we strive to realize a stage that is ever lively, has growth potential, and attracts people.

The Region Exactly as It Should Be

[Kansai's Strengths]
A diverse and rich life, Kansai's spirit (tolerance), tradition & culture, and a rich natural environment
[Signs of Change]
Change in the measure of wealth, local orientation, and the development of diverse, flexible work styles

Fulfilled with ideal conditions
as a leading region

Conditions are conducive to creating challenges

There is an environment that fulfills appetites for adventure and yearning for self-realization

There is tolerance for accepting diversity

A structure is in place for making the most of the drive, experience, and ability of individuals in the solutions to societal issues

Various attractions for
comfortable living

QoL (quality of life) is high

Diverse charms in every person's lifestyle and
a pleasant connection with society

The brand image of Kansai as a region is being established

Growing out of and sweeping away the restrictive, peculiar image that has
formed in recent years, and engendering pride and affection for the region

Passing down and developing matchless worth in Kansai

Respect for the worth of things that have remained unchanged over the ages
penguin penguin penguin penguin
~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~

~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~

Front line of
new social models
~Creating new societies that our Kansai leads~

Based on the spirit of shared values that Kansai has passed down uninterrupted such as “Sampo Yoshi” —benefits for all stakeholders— and given that various social structures ought to be updated to forms that suit the new era, both Kansai and Kansai Economic Federation ourselves will become the first penguin, advocate social models that will become mainstream and a matter of course in the new era, and build and put them into practice ourselves.

The Region Exactly as It Should Be

[Kansai's Strengths]
The power of the private sector & benefiting others and the presence of the Union of Kansai Governments
[Signs of Change]
Increased investment in ESG & growing environmental awareness, reconsidering national and regional realities, the escalation of natural disasters, and global warming

Practicing new models of corporate involvement in societies

The reality of the role corporations play as public instruments in society is being instilled in the region, and endeavors to solve societal challenges are being promoted.

Leading reform regarding the regional government system

Decentralization is progressing in the region, and it is prospering from multi-polarization by means of unique regional management.

A development strategy is being advanced through the expansion and intensifying of the integrated administration of a large region by the Union of Kansai Governments.

Leading the sustainable societies that the SDGs aim for

Revolutionary technologies and initiatives for a decarbonized society based on green growth as well as the S+3E policy are propagating throughout the region.

A society that is resilient to, secure against, and safe from natural disasters and infectious diseases

~What we want Kansai to be, what Kansai should be~
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