Technologies and Products in the Environmental and Energy Sector

Kansai ; an Environmentally Advanced Region
Contributing to the Solution of Global Environmental Issues with Superior Technology

Kansai; an Environmentally Advanced Region

After being faced with water pollution in Lake Biwa and other water environments, air pollution caused by industrial plants and industrial waste from those plants during the rapid economic growth era, Kansai has tackled the critical issue of assuring both economic growth and environmental protection through continuous efforts by the government and private sector and by utilizing technologies developed by companies.
In the process, excellent environment- and energy-related technologies and products were developed in Kansai. We believe that 'Kansai, an environmentally-advanced region,'assists counties in Asia and elsewhere trying to promote both economic growth and environmental efforts.
Aiming at widely publicizing superb environmental and energy technologies in Kansai and promoting the businesses related to environmental and technologies, Kankeiren first published the case-example leaflets in 2008. Since then, they have been read by many people.
We would be glad if the leaflet could be of some help in promoting the businesses related to environmental and energy technologies and products between companies in Asia, elsewhere and Japan (Kansai), as well as in sustaining global growth and solving global environmental issues.

March, 2015
Kansai Economic Federation


This leaflet is provided for the purpose of introducing cases that may be useful for addressing environmental/energy issues (technologies, products, etc.); it does not guarantee the transfer or sale of such technologies or products. Note that the cases in this leaflet are original and unaltered reports prepared by the contributors, and the Kansai Economic Federation does not guarantee the figures shown as the results or effects of the technologies or products.