Kankeiren Business Delegation to the Philippines and Malaysia


Kankeiren dispatched a Business Delegation to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Iskandar Malaysia from September 14 to 20, 2014. The delegation headed by Vice Chairman Mr. Masayuki Matsushita visited the government authorities, economic organizations, and private companies in both countries.

The delegation investigated the economic situation and business environment, including economic integration of ASEAN, countermeasures against environmental problems and disaster protection.

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Kankeiren launched the updated website: “Kansai: an Environmentally Advanced Region -Technologies and Products in the Environmental and Energy Sector”. It introduces case studies of Kansai Businesses’ superior technologies or products potentially useful in solving global environmental issues. And it newly shows a summary of key characteristics of industrial strength in the Kansai Region.Summary
Kankeiren submitted a policy proposal,
"Requests to the Noda Administration"
Chairman Mori's Inaugural Address
At the General Meeting, the executive members and the secretariat of Kankeiren are newly appointed

Introduction of Kansai, Japan

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Introducing the "Hanayaka Kansai: The Flower of Japan - Kansai" Logo


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Kansai: an Environmentally Advanced Region

Website introducing the case studies of superior technologies or products of Kansai Businesses, contributing to the solution of global environmental issues.


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