Meeting with H.E. Mr. Mohammad Jusuf Kalla, the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia


On February 20, Mr. Matsushita, the Vice Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation (KANKEIREN) had a formal talks with H.E. Mr. Kalla, the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia at Imperial Hotel Osaka.

H.E. Mr. Kalla expressed his appreciation for KANKEIREN's long-term support of human resource development of the Indonesian young managers and cooperation for the Indonesian economy and industries. He promotes the investments from Kansai not only in Java but also other areas in Indonesia, where has well-endowed with labor and natural resources.

In responding to Mr. Kalla's gratitude for the support by KANKEIREN, Mr. Matsushita promised that KANKEIREN will continue the support to Indonesian industries. He requested infrastructure developments and business environment arrangement which are inevitable both to drum up further activities of Kansai companies and to facilitate the investments from Kansai in Java and other areas in Indonesia.

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Chairman Matsumoto's Inaugural Address
Kansai Economic Federation and Kansai Association of Corporate Executives held the 55th Kansai Economic and Management Summit(Kansai Zaikai Seminar) on February 9 - 10, 2017.
In this forum, business leaders in the Kansai region join together to exchange their candid views and opinions to explore the ideal vision of Japan and the region as well as the basic principles of corporate management.
Kankeiren Released an report "Sustainable Enhancement of Corporate Value and Improvement of Corporate Governance for Japanese Companies".
Six private railway companies (JR-West, Hanshin, Hankyu, Keihan, Kintetsu, and Nankai), three municipal transportation bureaus (Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto), and one airport operating company in the Kansai region (Kansai Airports), together with the Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren) announced today the launch of trial sales of its KANSAI ONE PASS common transportation ticket on Friday, April 8, 2016 as a part of the Kansai area’s region-wide efforts to further develop tourism infrastructure for greater convenience to foreign visitors visiting this popular tourist destination.
Kankeiren launched the updated website: “Kansai: an Environmentally Advanced Region -Technologies and Products in the Environmental and Energy Sector”. It introduces case studies of Kansai Businesses’ superior technologies or products potentially useful in solving global environmental issues. And it newly shows a summary of key characteristics of industrial strength in the Kansai Region.Summary
Kankeiren submitted a policy proposal,
"Requests to the Noda Administration"
Chairman Mori's Inaugural Address
At the General Meeting, the executive members and the secretariat of Kankeiren are newly appointed

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Kankeiren's Booklet 2017

Kankeiren's Booklet’s Profile

Download(PDF:2,470KB) Annual Booklet of Kankeiren's Profile.



Kankeiren's Booklet 2017 (Chinese:中文)

Kankeiren's Booklet’s Profile

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Introducing the "Hanayaka Kansai: The Flower of Japan - Kansai" Logo


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Hanayaka Kansai Selection 2016

a list of local specialties recommended for international visiters to Kansai

Introduction of Kansai, Japan

Kansai Economy Download(PDF:3,733KB)

An annual brochure introducing the Kansai economy, major projects and a brief history.

Kansai: an Environmentally Advanced Region

Website introducing the case studies of superior technologies or products of Kansai Businesses, contributing to the solution of global environmental issues.


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