Technologies and Products in the Environmental and Energy Sector

Kansai ; an Environmentally Advanced Region
Contributing to the Solution of Global Environmental Issues with Superior Technology

Title Corporate Name
Membrane Dehydration System Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Hypochlorite Generator Eight-Tec Co., Ltd.
New Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Colorant Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co., Ltd.
Flow Micro Reactor Nakamura Choko Co., Ltd.
TIWS - Ion Water Cleaning System Takahashi Metal Industries Co., Ltd.
Hollow Fiber Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Seaweater Desalination Toyobo Co., Ltd.
RO Membrane Element for Seawater Desalination Nitto Denko Corporation
Kubota Membrane BioReactor System Kubota Corporation
Powerful aerating system, Aerator S-1 Suzuki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Organic Excess Sludge Reduction System Kuraray Aqua Co., Ltd.
"Swim-bed Biofringe", A Contact Material for Water Treatment NET Co., Ltd.
Superconducting Magnetic Separator,technology for imparting magnetic properties MS-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Wastewater Treatment Equipment with Three-dimensional Grillwork Contact Body SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMS Co., Ltd.
Catalytic Wet Oxidation Wastewater Treatment NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD.
FRP Johkasou (STP) Kubota Corporation
Ammonia Treatment Equipment Japan Chemical Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.
VOC Recovery System Japan Chemical Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Phosphorus (HAP) Recovery System Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Water Treatment with Ring Lace Filter Beds Kajima Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Inclined Solid-Liquid Separating Screen Toyo Screen Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Evaporating Concentrator Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd.
Water Recycle Treatment System JTop Co., Ltd.
DORENTORE (Drain Water Purifier) JOHNAN Corporation
Improving biodegradability of biorefractory compounds (COD) by ozonation Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.
RO Membrane Element for Wastewater Reclamation Nitto Denko Corporation
Shimadzu TOC-4200 Online Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Shimadzu Corporation
Measurement Technology and System for Water Treatment HORIBA, Ltd.
Thermoplastic Composite Drainage Pipe (One-touch Fitting) Kanaflex Corporation Co., Ltd.
Spouting Oil Adsorption Unit for Electrical Equipment Filled with Oil KIMURADENKO INC.
NEXTONE-α Tottori Saishigenka Kenkyusho Kabushiki Kaisha
Subcritical Water Processing Technology REMATEC Corporation
Waste Recycling and RF Fuel Production Technology REMATEC Corporation
FRC desulfurization system Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.
Surface Treatment Technology for Exterior Aluminum Building Materials Nihon Anodizing Co., Ltd.
Iron Powder 'Ecomel' for Purification of Heavy Metal-contaminated Soil and Groundwater Kobe Steel, Ltd.
AQUA HEART AERATION Saraya Environmental Design Co.,Ltd.
Carbonization recycling system Kansai Biomass Recycling Network