Technologies and Products in the Environmental and Energy Sector

Kansai ; an Environmentally Advanced Region
Contributing to the Solution of Global Environmental Issues with Superior Technology

Environmental Enlightenment Activities

Title Corporate Name
Eco-style of Summer in Kansai Union of Kansai Governments
Oriental White Storks Reintroduction Project Hyogo Prefecture
Enterprise Forest Project in Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture
Rape Blossom Eco-Project Higashiomi City

Environmental Business Matching

Title Corporate Name
The exhibition is directly connected to businesses! Biwako Environmental Business Exhibition 2015 Shiga Prefecture
Green Engineering Exchanges between Kansai Science City and Zhongguancun in Beijing Kyoto Prefecture
Support for Expanding Water Businesses Overseas Osaka Prefecture

Green Engineering System

Title Corporate Name
Kobe Biogas Kobe City
Development of Production Technology of Foam Glass Tottori Prefecture
Forest CO2 absorption project Tottori Prefecture

Environmental Projects with China and Other Foreign Countries

Title Corporate Name
Environmental Cooperation with Shandong, China Wakayama Prefecture


Title Corporate Name
Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza City of Osaka
LED Valley Project Tokushima Prefecture
Tokushima Prefecture Recycling Certification Program Tokushima Prefecture
Small-scale Hydropower Generation System Nara Prefecture